No Words.

Have you ever made a decision on a whim? Have you seen an event on Facebook, and decided to attend it that same day? Or decided to stop at the market that you were passing to treat yourself to a solo lunch date?

I am still learning the concept of self-care and what that looks like for me.

Some great things I have found for myself include:

  • baths with the best of the best bath bombs
  • lunch dates with no one but myself
  • reading a good book (sometimes for the second time)
  • watching my favorite movies
  • a good glass of wine
  • walks with the dogs, or a run on a beautiful, sunny day
  • accomplishing an overdue task at home
  • a massage

All of these things are part of self-care and self-love. I have found that the things that refuel my heart and soul are often things that find me alone. I happen to be an introvert who has made a career from planning small and large events that involve people, and I love it! Strange, I know…

I want to talk about one particular form of self-care that I invested in this summer. I went to see a Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher. This exotic-sounding and somewhat intimidating (for the uninitiated) title represents a practice with myriad wonderful tools such as:

Body Ascension Breath Teaching

Holding space using various modalities, including:
-Energetic Body Line Therapy
-Sound Therapy
-Crystal Therapy

I was a bit hesitant, not knowing what to expect. I saw her Facebook page pop up, and I acted on what, at the time, I thought was impulse; I booked an appointment. I now know it wasn’t impulse, but timing. The timing was right for me to be open to being in that space.

It is so difficult to explain what this session did for me, and how it happened. The practical part of my brain wants to have the specifics and the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ answered. Some things are just meant to transcend language.

When I booked this session, I had no idea what to expect. I walked in totally open minded, ready for a change in my life and looking for answers.

The session and experience was so freeing. I was completely open and vulnerable, and I found myself sharing a space with a strong, confident woman who has experienced her own journey of struggles and growth. Just being with her was empowering.

I felt parts of myself let go during the quickest hour and a half I have ever experienced. I could feel energy moving around and through my body. It was an experience that cannot truly be explained in words. It is meant to just be that– an experience.

At the time I went to this session, I was looking for answers to questions I didn’t know. Questions appeared in my mind and were answered with ease. These answers left me almost speechless afterwards, as I reflected on how much I had just learned about myself.

This wonderful woman recently took time out of her day to sit with me when I asked her if I could write about my experience.

She helped me to better understand what she does, what she experiences, and the terminology used in her practice. Here again is the practical part of my brain trying to put my encounter into words. After an hour and a half just lost in conversation with this beautiful person, I realized and came to accept that some experiences cannot, and never will be put into words, and that’s OK. When a shift happens in your heart and your soul, words are inadequate.

I encourage each of you, my friends, to remember to put self-care among your top priorities. Without caring for yourself, you will eventually find yourself lessened, along with your experience of this life. I realize that most of you have countless responsibilities as mothers, wives, care-givers, employees, entrepreneurs, volunteers, etc., and I know these things leave little room for self-care. Without it, though, your body and spirit will eventually break. So please, whatever it may that lights your fire, go do it. Go try it. Or maybe even try something WAY out of your usual realm of familiarity. You may just be surprised with how wonderful it can make you feel.

❤ Scarle

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  1. That’s awesome. So important to take care of yourself.

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  2. Irene says:

    Funny how some of the things we do out of the blue turn out to be good for us. Self care should always be a priority!

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    1. Yes, yes it should!


  3. Melissa says:

    LOVE THIS!!! ❤️

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