Welcome! Welcome!

Hi Guys, welcome! Welcome back, welcome to first timers, welcome!

I have been wanting to come back for months but I just don’t know how to start, I feel like a lot has changed in my word since last year. Maybe I have just changed. The very best way I can describe it as I have quieted…I have stilled a bit. It’s a good thing, different but good.

Has anyone else had a tough week and by tough week I mean tough last few months.

You know what? It’s okay though; so have I but I am okay, I will be okay. You will be okay. WE will be okay.

Something I continue to learn as I get older is I don’t have to hold the weight of the world on my shoulders. It is okay to let go; let go of friends, let go of things we loved, let go of things we didn’t love. Just let it go.

I’ve accomplished a lot over the last year, both professionally and personally.

Here are somethings I am proud of:

  • I survived a full year in a new position at work.
  • I ran two half marathons.
  • I got yelled at and didn’t cry.
  • I competed in my first out-of-town barrel racing finals since graduation high school.
  • I made the transition to vegetarian, then a primarily plant-based diet.
  • I decluttered my closet and switched to a capsule wardrobe with the help of Dominique at allthatisshe. 
  • I made ME a priority. My healthy, my time, my needs.
  • I realized I needed certain people more than I wanted to admit.

I just turned 28 years old yesterday and I truly have a feeling that 28 is going to be the best year yet.

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-Scarlet ❤

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