Christmas and long after

Ahhhh, now that Christmas is over I sit here reflecting. I’ve decided Christmas is so much better with little kidlets around. We had my nephew this Christmas and it was amazing! He made the whole day -he is so smart and inquisitive: looking and inspecting everything.

We went to my parents first thing in the morning to enjoy with them and returned later to continue with festivities.

My family knows me too well…a little too well…

From my brother I received a starbucks cup,  and gift certificate along with 6 ugly sweater wearing gingerbread cookies. Yes!

My parents: Sephora gift certificate, black “heat” leggings and a selfie stick. I’ve never been more pumped.
    Poncho: Bootlegger

Dress: H&M

Leggings: Lululemon

Boots: Justfab

Mitts: Handmade (compliments of my Momma)

-Scarlet ❤

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