Butt Lift

So I finished up my Christmas shopping this week, thank goodness. I am now too poor to eat for the remainder of the year but I am done! Amen.

Anyways, I have lost a couple pounds as previously mentioned and I have one pair of jeans that actually fit so I decided to buy myself a couple more pairs. I ended up stumbling upon a pair of “butt lift” pants… ummm, yes! Now, I already have a pretty “generous” butt, so I figured this would just lift it a wee bit. I put the first pair on this morning thinking huh, my butt feels a little squished if anything. Meh, carry on and go to work. Around 9am this morning I found myself in the extremely lit washroom and gasped when I turned around to grab paper towel…holy good fuck! My ass looks massive! I mean massive, I was embarrassed to leave to fucking washroom!

I finally come out and slyly sneak back to my office and sit down. Fuck, fuck..why didn’t I look at my butt this morning! Damn it!

I couldn’t hold it in any longer and shared my findings with a gal I work with. Her response….I thought your butt looked bigger than normal today. Fuuuuuccck!

She then laughs and mentions how I resemble that of a black girls booty. Hmmm, okay that makes me feel better.

However, it’s not just my butt but my thighs too! I just became thick af this morning…haha, all from a pair of $15 pants.

For real though -all my sisters with itty bitty booties…get these pants!



Jacket: Dynamite $50

Scarf: Ardens

Pants: Stitches $15 (50% off)

Boots: Justfab
-Scarlet ❀


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