Dressing for the weather, whether it’s warm or not.

I switched up photographers, and I couldn’t be happier. Women are just so much better at this than men.

Prime example, I asked this lovely lady if she would take a few pictures -as I know I have been slacking on my posts- and she replies with this…

“Okay, first thing first, you might want to go look at your hair.” Haha, yes ma’am. I had just finished feeding three horses and my hair was very much wind-blown. It then took her all of 3 seconds to realize I have a good side and took full advantage by making sure she was always off to the one side of me. Perfect.

I love clothes, I really do. I have an entire room in my house dedicated to my clothes. However, I am the first to admit I am the person who walks in the house, drops my bag and runs upstairs to get my clothes off and put on my comfy ones.  A trait I inherited from my Muma. It used to drive my dad crazy as he is the guy who refuses to go buy milk if he has his pj’s on. My mom on the other hand would legit show up to work in her fuzzies if it were acceptable. I fall somewhere in the middle, I will get dressed and put on lipstick to go to the grocery store -and always will…however, my home is my place.

We have been so unbelievably lucky lately with our weather and I am taking full advantage wearing as many dresses before the snow hits!

  Scarf –Garage

Dress -Avon similar

Boots -Thrifted

Cardigan -Forever 21 similar

Scarlet ❤

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