Dark flowers and fresh baby smell

One of the most amazing days of my life.

My best friend Rosey was due on May 28th and I received a text from her letting me know she was on her way to the hospital as she was having contractions. As soon as I finished up with work I headed to the hospital around 9:30 pm. With it being an hour away, I’d be lying to say a went the speed limit at any time throughout the drive. I am so thankful to have made it there before she delivered. I sat outside of the room as my best friend became a Mother, I am crying as I write this just remembering the flood of emotions that ran over me. She is such an amazing person, and will be and amazing mother. At 11:06 she gave birth to Clara Catherine, weighing 7lbs 10oz. Now, I know everyone says this, but she truly is the most beautiful baby. She is an angel, with glowing red cheeks and bright eyes. She barely even let out a squeak! She simply just looked around taking in her new world. The love that she has and will always have showered over her was evident in that room. I don’t know if you can honestly tell this, but it was impossible to deny that she would be anything but brilliant. For a baby less than an hour old she was already so observant and poised, just like her Mom. I can say with full honestly I have never been so in love with someone I just met, and sit here fighting back tears of joy and hope for all that she is and will be. I just have to share pictures of Clara.

Just last night on Rosey’s birthday she gave me the honour of making me Clara’s Godmother. I’d be lying to say I didn’t cry. I’ve never been more honoured and I look forward to supporting her for the rest of my life.

I will also share a little outfit post as this little lady is already quite the fashionista! I have styled this dress and leggings a few different ways in this post while keeping it very similar. Let me know which you like better!        


Vest: Ardenes

Boots: Walmart similar and here

Boom! Second version of this fab outfit combo. 


Vest: Forever 21

Boots thrifted


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