Equestrian Style

Sometimes outfits have a funny way of coming together, much like this one. I certainly didn’t plan to look like an English Rider yesterday morning. Ooops, but also awesome! I had a cute boy critique my outfit, saying the red belt threw it off. I disagree I think the red belt made the outfit!   I couldn’t help it, I had to take this picture. As much as I like to pretend, I am far from neat and tidy in day to day life. I spent my lunch break racing around to get my tack ready for my Jackpot that night. A Jackpot being a barrel race broke into three division with the fastest time setting the payout. Each division is set a second off the fastest time. It’s great, as it provides a more equal opportunity for barrel racers to place.   I realized about 15 minutes down the road that this was the first jackpot out of town I have ever done solo. I have also had one of my parents in tow -usually my Dad and Mom was at hockey with my brother. How the heck do parents do it?!?! We really should have more days that celebrate them.  The barrel race was a success. Mads and I made it, the only casualty was her grain bucket. Shirt: H&M $10 similar Blazer: Forever 21 $45 similar Jeans: H&M similar Boots: Justfab $39.95 similar here and here Belt: similar -Scarlet

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