Loved and missed animals..

Well, yesterday was quite the day. After a whirl-wind of holidays and two wonderful weddings it was great to be home for a few short hours. A girlfriend and I were off to my first “traveled” barrel race since having Pete, a horse to whom I can credit my riding skills. He was sold to someone in a neighbouring community about 6 years ago but has since been sold to yet another owner.

It was fantastic exposure for my little mare. There were full stands and a fair going on about 300 metres away. She handled it all like a rock star. I can’t wait to see how the next year comes along! I think fate played a part in the fact that I saw Pete yesterday. After a torn and emotional hello and goodbye, I can say it was good to see him. He is 19 and still running barrels, and his new owner seems wonderful.

What really hit me hard yesterday was learning that my childhood dog, a dog I’ve mentioned before in my blog post linked here had passed away while I was gone. He was the most amazing little guy. My parents bought him when I was 12 after my Dad said that if on our trip that day we saw a Golden Retriever we would buy it. We had wanted one for years! Well the look of my dad’s face was priceless when we walked into that place to see one golden retriever puppy. $1200 later my brother and I were completely in love and my dad was less than thrilled. Max didn’t take long to win dad over or anyone else who met him. 

He was the most loyal dog in the world. For the remainder of my brother and my school years, we’d come home to a patient Max waiting at the bottom of the driveway with a rock or stick in hopes we’d have a play. 

He comforted me through endless breakups and friend spats. He seemed to know when I needed him and I would find him slowly and slyly crawling up onto my bed to have a snuggle. 

It was no secret that in the 14 years of his life he was MY dog. When I moved out I took him with me, only to realize he wasn’t happen away from the acreage of my parents place which had become his home. I knew I had to take him back, but everytime I went to visit mom and dad he would always be close to where I was. Even when climbing stairs and getting up became difficult, he always managed to jump up to give me a kiss. 

He will be dearly missed and always remembered. The love of an animal is something everyone should have, nothing compares. 


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  1. Pinkie says:

    Best dog EVER! 😭

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