Trip Dominicana

Ahhh! My wonderful brother and sister in-law got married today. They chose to get married at the family cottage; one of the most beautiful and seriene places. They put so much time and effort into it and it was amazing. I can’t wait to show y’all pictures!

In other news, I wanted to share a few more memories from our trip to Dominican. I asked a couple of girls whom I’ve known for years but can officially call friends. Both of these girls share my sense of humour, so if you enjoy my blogs you’ll definitely enjoy these!

Trip Dominicana, what can I say… not only did I get to witness the most beautiful and heartfelt wedding between two wonderful humans but I also had one heck of a time during my entire stay in that foreign tropical oasis!

This was my first destination wedding, we stayed at the Majestic Elegance resort, and let me tell you, this week was nothing less than majestic!… as for elegant… well the bride was probably the only one who managed to maintain her gorgeous elegance over the course of the week (the rest of us were hot messes with a dash of charm thrown in every 2nd day or so).

I will probably talk about the festivities that occurred on this trip for years to come; it was a vacation of epic proportions. As incredible as the oceans, pools, butlers and pillow menus were, the people who attended are what made it unreal. This includes my bunkmate AKA my wild child soul sister, the brilliant bride and groom, my bros from high school, my hometown homies and also my new legendary friends. Lets just talk about the level of attractiveness on this trip… so most of the people on this trip were either with their serious significant other or with their husband/wife. Oh and these aren’t normal couples, all these couples are like David and Victoria Beckham but with more personality, so everyday was like the world’s cutest couple pageant and there I am in the background as single as can be just hoping someone will take me on in a deep-fried nacho eating competition. I can’t even complain though because the nachos were pretty decent.

My struggle with FOMO (fear of missing out) was all too real over the course of the week. I did not want to miss out on a single moment so I helped shut down the resort bar 1 too many nights and had an alarm set for 9:18am every morning. I treated every hour of everyday like I just received a Tiffany Co. box, you know the ones that every girl is dying to rip into, well I needed to dive into each social festivity no matter the time of day. It is a good thing that I did seek out entertainment because with the stories I came home with I feel like a leprechaun who hit the jackpot.

Let me share some of my favourite memories from Dominicana wedding vacay 2015…

– On one of the first nights, one of our own homegrown Chetwynd girls won a booty shaking competition on the beach. This might not sound like a huge deal but our girl has mad skills and she beat out a girl with a booty straight outta Brooklyn… now that is so impressive that our girl deserves her own star of fame outside of Amigos on Main or something magical like that.

– Another evening I came out of the shower expecting to see heaps of people in my hotel room because music was blaring, only to find my roommate taking a rest in our Jacuzzi tub with 2 inches of water in it. While this sounds totally normal and innocent, my roommate also enjoys living by the golden standard rule ‘Blackout or back out’ so she was well on her way to ‘wasty Stacey’, when she had turned on the jets. And because she had turned on the jets with only 2 inches of water, the jets were flying; flying onto the curtains, hitting the fridge and flooding our floors. God bless Stacey.

– While Dominican can be postcard picturesque with sunshine, clear blue skies and turquoise waters, we also came to know that Dominican has torrential downpours!! Since I like to think we enjoy channelling our inner Miley Cyrus by having a ‘Can’t stop, won’t stop’ attitude, some of us used these tropical storms to our advantage. One day after far too many cocktails we decided to go swim in the private pools in the storm because no one else was in them so we would have the whole pool to ourselves. Well… one thing led to another and soon enough bikini tops became optional and chicken fighting mandatory, 4 guys 7 girls the competition was on. Our ‘private pool party’ became very public for as we were on the shoulders of our chosen partners wrestling to the death, an entire wedding group walked past, they got more than they bargained for… whoops. Next time before a trip I will need to write lulu lemon in advance, explain to them our scandalous 1st world problems in hopes of receiving Tata Tamers for the ladies of the trip.

– The night of the wedding was a humid affair to say the least. The bride, groom and all of the guests ripped up the dance floor like no tomorrow, it was one of my personal highlights from the trip. At 11pm the DJ announced that the last song had just been played. I can’t even remember how it started but before we knew it we were leaping from the dance floor straight into the pool. All the handsome lads with their dress clothes on and the girls with their dresses, make up and hair done, all took the plunge into the pool. Cannonballs for days! After cannonballs we clearly were ready to duel chicken fight style. Best way to end a wedding, perfect day!

While I could go on for ages about other wild adventures over the course of wedding week, these 4 gems will have to do.

So in summary… I came home with no voice, a hurting liver, ripped dresses, tan lines, a satisfied stomach filled with nachos and mojitos, and pictures that captured the moments my blackouts tried to make me forget. Lots of friends, liquor, laughs and not a lot of clothing. Who’s getting hitched next?!

-Amanda Anne

This wonderful blog posts credit goes to the wonderful Amanda Anne, someone who stole not only my heart but that of my husbands as well.

Let us know what you think! She a flippen charm.


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