Pissed on and pissed off…

On the Thursday night, after the wedding a group of us went to a club called Coco Bongos. Oh my goodness, so much fun! They had an amazing show. It’s hard to explain, it was somewheres between Circe de solei and a musical -the best!              At one point all but about three of us were up dancing on the bar, showing them what our small town can bring to the big times. As much fun as Coco Bongos was my favorite part of the evening came much later around 4am on the bus ride home.

As we all pile on the bus in our drunken stupor we carry on dancing and partying -fed by the excitement of the night.

As the bus starts heading back to the resort (not 5 minutes after we left Coco Bongos) my girlfriend Penelope turns around to inform me she’s just been peed on.  Ummm, excuse me?

No, I heard correctly..

“The girl in front of me just pissed on my feet. I could feel my feet being splashed then could smell pee!”

She proceeded to look over the seat in front of her; to her horror she sees a girl squatting. if you will -butt out, dress up. Placing her legs on the seat hanging her ass down where her feet should have been. Clearly peeing.

When Penelope asked if she was peeing the girl responded, “no englay”, and smiles. Oh, no you just didn’t…

As Penelope sits with her feet now up on the seat to avoid more unfortunate events she begins to stew over what’s just happened, and with a little bit of liquid courage decides she’s going to give this broad a little “love tap”. Now my husband who is the lover of all humans was mad enough for her to suggest she punch her. Thankfully Penelope thought better of this.

As the bus is pulling into the resort Penelope get up walks over to the pissy offender and slaps her right in the face with her pissy shoe.

All resulting in a few kicks and hair pulling via the pissy offender, Penelope and Kel.

That escalated quickly, now the girl she’s with is losing it, neither speak English. People are jumping up and Penelope’s brother acrobats over seats like a super hero to pin this broad down while yelling at her to “chill the fuck out”. Penelope then makes a casual exit off the bus with a shit eating grin on her face, leaving the mayhem behind her. Now Kel, is losing her drunk ass on this girl, demanding she buy Penelope new shoes. Friendship.

Ahhhh, you can takes the girls out of Chet but you can’t take Chet outta the girls.

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