Wedding season! 

Well it is certainly the season for beautiful weddings. Not one, but two of my dearest friends got married this beautiful month of June. The first of the two is one of my favourite people in the whole world, a gal that stood up almost a year ago by my side while I married. She went with a wedding that suited her perfectly – the brat eloped! Haha, I mean this with true and honest love, I expected nothing else. I was shocked she was able to keep it from me, only caving the evening before her wedding after my suspicion was already quite high.

Now something that people may or may not know about me is I love to make people awkward, in good sport. I stopped into her office the Tuesday before she left for her “family reunion” to give her a small gift I’ve been saving in hopes of giving it to her at a shower or bachelorette party that never was to be.

I have known this girl since we were 5 years old and I have never seen her more uncomfortable and awkward as when I said, “This is for you, as I feel like you’re running away to get married on me this weekend.” Immediately she needed to tend to her key board to type something important, all while her face screamed “Oh no!”. Ahhhh, sweet awkward justice!

However, I couldn’t be more happy for her and her husband. They shared a beautiful ceremony with their close family in the Okanagan region of BC, one of the most beautiful places in Canada in my opinion.

I have to share one photo as this girl is stunning on the simplest of days, not to mention her wedding day.

  The second wedding was that of a gal I met in high school. I spent a good chunk of my teenage years at her house and she showed up at my place more than once with a suitcase to “stay for a bit”, a memory my dad admirably shared with me just prior to leaving for her wedding.

She is one of the sweetest, most caring people I’ve ever met. She’s made a career as a nurse, which couldn’t be more fitting as she is always putting the needs of others before her own. Even during the days leading up to HER wedding she was bustling around making sure everyone else was having a good time and they had everything they needed. Yet again, proving her selflessness. I promise, I couldn’t even begin to give shits about other people in the days leading up to my wedding. Bravo Liz.

Their ceremony was on a beautiful Punta Cana beach in The Dominican Republic, with the picturesque waters in the back ground. Everything about the ceremony was beautiful and she made an absolutely stunning bride.

    Keep an eye out for the following post to see how Chetwynd takes on Majestic Elegance, with grace and poise…

-Scarlet xoxo

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