Yesterday I finally got teal hair! Except…I also got blue hair. Peacock!

When Sharon and I went to get our teal hair on Monday (my birthday present from Sharon!) we realized I couldn’t get mine that day as I spend my week being a drown rat in the pool and the extensions need two full days before they can get wet.

So I watched and drooled as Sharon got her bad ass teal hair. As I waited I told the girls about how I had seen blue and teal hair that was peacock inspired on Pinterest. Sharon convinced me to get blue too -not that it was difficult to convince me of such.

So yesterday I got peacock hair!

This was the first time I have gone to Adele at “Love is in the Hair” -she is wonderful! I will definitely be going back.

Check her out on Facebook!

These tape in extentions are awesome! No damaging your hair from dye, it’s quick and you can reapply the hair up to three times! Each time you can have them in for 6-8 weeks. Win!

I stole these pictures from Adele of the before and after.

Have a wonderful Saturday -get your Peacock on!


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  1. Pinkie says:

    Love it😍

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