Parachute Pants…?

Gaaah, I know I have been terrible lately. Life should get back to normal this coming week, yay! With long days these last two weeks I decided to take today off to reboot. I spent my Friday with the cutest little dude, we popped in to see my Husband who was running the Firefighter’s booth at the Trade Show. We painted, which later required a bath. We ate pizza and cookies for dinner and watched Toopy and Binoo. If you have never watched this show count your blessings. He laughed and cheered endlessly so it was totally worth it.

Sharon and I went to the Trade show today, for those that don’t know what it is it is a bunch of small business’ that set up booths of products or information. I go for the treats; today’s treat entailed an Indian Taco If you don’t know what this angelic treat is you can find a recipe online here. They are amazing!

I am completely addicted to Grey Anatomy again, I watched it years ago but I have recently fallen in love with it all over again. Which has in no way, shape or form helped with my productivity level. Work, lesson prep and Grey’s Anatomy that has been my last two weeks. I have drug my girlfriend Rosey back into the vortex with me and we indulged in milk shakes and Greys this afternoon, it was a perfect Saturday.

My Husband isn’t a fan of these pants but I think they are great!


Jean Jacket


Shoes: Toms $55.00

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