Small Town Snaps

I know I’ve been seriously slacking on the blog front lately. Work is crazy, as I am teaching all day; then doing lesson prep in the evening. I love my job most days but I love my down time more!

I was catching up with my girlfriends as I lay in bed last night and we got chatting about the perception people in small towns have.

It turns out one of my bridesmaid and one of my husband’s groomsman seriously hit it off and he is now here, in Chetwynd, visiting her! Weee! My husband is beside himself. As we were chatting one of the girls mentioned how she got a snapchat that day from a girl and all it was was a picture of him at the doctors office. Now I will bring light to the fact that he has almost full sleeves of tatoos and is likely the only person in Chetwynd with sleeve as I write this. Apparently he is quite the celebrity among Chetvillians! This completely brought me back to when my husband first moved here. The looks he would get -mostly because he is down right delicious to look at, and another being he dressed outrageously for Chet standards. He was(is) well spoken, chatty, had a red leather jacket, and a Mohawk. I remember being in the bar one time and a girl who (ran the only clothing store in town) said to the girl beside her. “Omg….what is he wearing, where does he think he is?”  I wanted to kick her. I was so mad! Some of Chetwynd didn’t know what hit it. However, he quickly won over the town and as I’ve mentioned before is the unofficial town mayor.

picI find it strange to think that people are so blown away by simple differences. I absolutely in no way claim to be better than anyone else who lives in a small town. Trust me, I unfortunately judge as well. I just don’t understand the fear of something new and different, I personally am drawn to people who are different! There are absolutely people in small towns who are open to whatever this world brings them and I applaud them!

I will admit full heartedly when I moved to Toronto -with my now husband- 6 years ago it was an absolute culture shock for me! I had an apartment I shared with three other girls in the heart of the gay district. I was overwhelmed. It didn’t take long for me to open up to the idea of seeing the different ways people dressed (yes this would be the thing that would stick out most to me), and quickly found out I had my own love for fun clothes! All growing up I was always too self conscious to wear the things I wanted to and kept everything very simple. I sometimes do the exact opposite these days! Yay!

pic 2I challenge everyone to open your minds and your heart to the idea of seeing past the way someone looks. Whether that is how good looking they are, or how much you dislike the way they look. Be open -I can almost promise you they will surprise you. Sometimes good, and sometimes bad. Just be open! 🙂

Please be patient with me as I get through the next couple weeks! Then I’ll be back full force.


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