Happy Wednesday All!

My husband and I are hilarious, I don’t know that others would agree but I think we’re funny. I often wonder if we’d be thrown into an insane asylum if people could see/hear us on the daily.

We often talk in accents, which my sister in-law has a love/hate feeling for. I know it drives her a bit crazy yet she also thinks its hilarious. I honestly can’t say why we do this or what determines the accent of choice that day/week. We have almost mastered a southern accent and hope one day we can throw ourselves into the South like we belong there.

However, above all the bizarre things we do I have to say the best is our passive aggressive comments and conversations through our pets, primarily Ginger Rogers.

“I don’t know why Dad can’t put the dishes in the dish washer, Gingy. You’re right, I did just unload it.”

“I deno Gingy, I will ask her. Mom, Gingy wants to know why you’re so mean to Dad?”

“Gingy can you ask Dad why I have to tell him every fucking day to pick up his damn socks off the floor?”

“Gingy, can you tell Mom that her feet smell?”

Poor Ginger Rogers always getting drug into our snide remarks and comments, all the while she just looks up at us confused wondering if she is going to get a treat or a belly scratch, little angel that she is.

Image result for funny husband and wife ecards


This is a very real conversation that would happen in my house.

Do you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband do weird random things? Come on I can’t be the only one who does strange things with my husband and still shaves…


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