Bowling Shoedown

What does one wear to go bowling? The real struggle is what does one wear to dinner and bowling?!? I want to wear something cute to go for dinner but also sensible for bowling. Hmmm…what to wear what to wear…

I ended up wearing leggings and a flowy cross-front sweater. Casual and comfortable -more inline with bowling but what do ya do! 

This sweater is handmade by a friend of mine in Ontario, you can find her website here

Yes, that is a tea shelf behind me, yes I have a problem. 

My girlfriend Rosey made these unbelievably tasty salted caramel cupcakes! Eeek, like I’ve said before: extreme love for Starbucks. 

I also got the most thoughtful gift from my girlfriend Daisy. She truly knows what melts my heart -sweets and anything vintage! She got me this fabulous ice cream scoop, “perfect” tea spoon, strawberry honey, cherry wine jam, chocolate cover wine infused cherries 😍, a peacock hair clip and my favorite, a beautiful book: The Carry Diaries. The best! 

I had a wonderful group of friends join me for bowling and I know some who wished they could have made it. I was quite possibly the worst player there but had a blast non-the-less! 

My Sunday was filled with walking my little dog, reading, and visiting my parents. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Sunday.

May your Monday be just as wonderful! 


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