All I Want is Teal Hair!


So I have expressed my extreme frustrations with living in a small town; they’re endless. It can seriously be the shits. This is especially true if you care if you look like a homeless person or not -to which I admit to often looking like at home. My poor husband. I mentioned in a previous post that Sharon and I had plans to get teal extensions in our hair! Weee, yay -no, think again. Here is a wonderful featured post from Sharon I take no credit but couldn’t agree more. It feel good to know I am not alone in this struggle. 

If you live in a small town or even a city and have these frustration please share!


 All I want is Teal Hair

It all started three months ago when I started to get bored with my hair, my boring long brown hair. There are very few changes you can make to long hair and keep the length; since I’ve never dyed my hair and don’t want to start until a grey invasions forces me too I came up with a genius idea of glue in extensions. Now to really spice up my look I thought why not teal extensions! Okay full disclosure I got the idea off Kylie Jenner (a Kardashian) but let’s not let that take away from my totally awesome idea. YAY me, I was going to do something different and risky with my hair. I’m such a cool mom!


So I thought my battle was over I’d made my decision now just go and do it. No problem right? I mean it’s by no means a new idea lots of people have extensions it’s a real fad -it should be easy to find. WRONG. I live in Chetwynd.  A great little town, unless you want to do anything or buy anything or have any services done.  After some searching I found a hair salon in Dawson Creek just an hour away that can order in my super cool teal extensions. I made a special trip into Dawson just for a consultation, it went great I was feeling confident. Now, after seeing a color book I actually decided I wanted emerald extensions -way cooler- no more Kylie Jenner wanna be hair. I paid upfront so they’d order them in- WAHOO- I’m so fancy.

First phone call from the Salon was to tell me they can’t order emerald -rats- oh well I’m back to being a Kylie Jenner wanna be -let’s go with teal.  Then they tell me I have to order twice as many extensions as I want in my hair -first small town annoyance: businesses’ won’t carry stock so you have to buy the whole lot they order. I got over that hurdler by convincing my neighbor she wanted to be my twin- yeah we are cool like that. Watch out for the teal twins! (insert me as the cool neighbour!)

Second phone call was to tell me that “due to events that have happened with the owner, the owner and staff will all be taking a much needed vacation, starting the next day for two weeks.” Wait. Wait. What? How does a whole salon just decide on one day notice to shut down for a two week vacation like it’s totally reasonable ?? Now I have to wait two more weeks for my awesome new teal hair? Unacceptable. I tell the receptionist that I don’t care if they already placed my order give me my money back and cancel my appointment.  She said someone would call me back. Liar. The next day I call the salon only to get a voicemail that says they are on vacation. So not cool.

I understand it’s hard running a small business but the reason people go with a chain store is to avoid ridiculous stuff like this happening.  As much as  I try to stay positive about my little community when things like this happen I go on very long rants about how annoying small towns are and how this would NEVER happen in a big city.  Life really is different in a small town, business are run different and though I may not understand it I must embrace it. I WILL GET MY TEAL HAIR and it WILL BE spectacular -in two weeks…


I shared Scarlet’s blog on Facebook with a tagline that you can be fashionable in a small town and Scarlet has proved it but as someone that has lived in both big and small towns I will say that it takes A LOT more determination to be fashionable in a small remote community.

Be determined ladies and gents, chase your fashion dreams!

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