Birthday outfit 

Hello Friends!

Here is what I wore yesterday for my birthday! What an amazing day; I honestly can’t say that I have had a better birthday. I got crepes for breakfast, flowers, singing, treats, homemade cake pops, Starbucks gift card, visits from friends at work -I could hardly say I worked much. Best day ever! Next week Sharon and I will become the true twins that we are and will be getting matching teal hair. Okay, not all of our hair but still -fun! All calories consumed yesterday were solely from sweets. I didn’t eat a single fruit of vegetable -unless you count the maraschino cherry on my cake. I should be going for a run right now…

Can it be my birthday again today?

I hope everyone is enjoying the taste of spring that is in the air, I can’t wait! Eeeek!

Blazer: Orb $75 Here are a bunch of amazing floral blazers!

Shirt: Pink Martini $30 (similar) and (here)

Jeans: Silver (free from Sharon!) (Similar)

Shoes: Ardenes $5 (similar)

Earrings: Suzy Shier $2 (similar)

Wallet: Matt and Nat $80 (similar)

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