Secrets Out

My secret is out! I hadn’t really told anyone about my blog; I told a few of my close girlfriends when I first started it and they’ve been amazingly supportive. Of course, there’s one in every crowd and Sharon is my ‘push’ friend; I mean that is the best possible way. She takes absolutely no shit from me and calls me out on my crazy. She told me yesterday that she was going to share my blog on Facebook as it had turned into a ‘personal diary only my girlfriends read’ -this was mostly true, ha ha. Them and a few wonderful others I’ve never met! I was terrified; I had no idea what people would think! As I’ve mentioned, I’m from an extremely small town and I will see all these people. Terrifying! What if they think I’m conceded or narcissistic?! Sharon had asked me what I was waiting for and why I was scared. The reasons I had were silly I realized; yes, I will see these people around town. Great! This isn’t a bad thing, I never started this blog to become famous; it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. I think it’s fabulous that the people I share this amazing town with can read about it, about my thoughts. I want to know their thoughts as well! So there we have it, all in one emotional roller coaster of a day I end it feeling wonderful. I look forward to writing more and I can only hope to have support. I hope if you’ve read it you enjoyed it! If not well than to bad for you, carry on.


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  1. Felicia says:

    I’m glad that you have such a supportive group. I wish a lot more people were like that 🙂

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    1. I am very thankful; I know I would have never started or continued if they hadn’t been. I can only hope the support continues and I hope you find continued support for you ventures as well.


  2. daisy says:

    Secrets out!!!!
    People should be privlaged to read your blog. I mean who doesn’t love to laugh? And sometimes cry at your nice words.
    Keep calm and carry on boozie😘

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    1. Hahaha, well thank you for your kind words and generous nickname. 🙈


  3. Tammy Walker says:

    Love them to death. But I’ve told you a million times men are STUPID!!…..But we still love them.

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  4. Trevor says:

    I think this blog is one of the best I’ve read.

    It’s very thorough utmost times, and I think it’s a very cunning way to express your feelings based upon the series of events that have occurred for you.

    Will be reading every day! 🙂

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    1. You’re the best! Thank you!


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