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I hate CBC! Okay, that’s not necessarily true but ugh, it’s such a bore. My husband would be so disappointed to hear me say that, even though he knows I dislike it and always beg to listen to something else during road trips. This is true when it comes to most news and politics, I have no interest in any of it. I know this drives him crazy. We recently had a little debat about how the canadian flag that is on Parliment is taken down each day and send to a Canadian. Apparently there is a list of people who have requested to have a flag that was put up on the Parliment building. I was completely outragged by this, what a bloody waste of money! This is absolutely absurd! Why in the shit do they need to replace the flag every damn day! I am all for the idea that if the flag is damaged or stained in anyway that it be replaced with a new one. Then sure if they want to send that flag to some silly person than great, but what the flying shit…everyday? I know its miniscual on the big scale of Canadian spending but what a bloody useless waste of tax payers money. Ugh! He just sat there listening to me, then his face split with this shit eating grin -he was just thrilled that I had taken an interest in anything remotely political. He noted that I don’t “care” enough to vote but was still thrilled with the idea of me feeling passionately about such a thing.

I just don’t get it…I wish I did, there are just some things I don’t necessarily care to hear about. My husband and my girlfriend Rosey have a gay ol’ time having debates about various thing and chatting about what they hear on “Q” or CBC.

This is me:

Image result for frustrated person picture meme

funny 1My Monday ranting, haha, ooops!


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  1. Rosey says:

    Bahahaha… this blog made me burst out loud. Your hate of CBC radio is wonderful, this coming from someone who enjoys it, your honesty is refreshing! Thank you for your rant it made my Monday a little brighter.

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    1. Haha, perfect! That’s all one can hope for on a Monday! Glad I could make you laugh! 🙂


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