Day five of five! 

One day late yet again but here it is! I’m not even sure if these pants qualify as jeans but today they do!

I am still trying my best to recover from this darn cold. I tried something today -I went and sat in a sauna for 20 min this morning. The amount of disgusting stuff that came out of my nose is not worth mentioning any further but man did it work! I felt so much better!

Being sick makes you think..think about lots of things: dying, how much you appreciate feeling well. I had a new feeling this week though. How terrible it would be to be sick with kids. I have to admit I temporarily had baby fever a couple weeks ago, being sick this week has cured that though. I can barely take care of myself let alone another human. Terrifying..

We will be spending the evening with some friends playing games. My husband is making sushi -it is beautiful, I can’t wait to dig in. (I had to share a few pictures)



Shoes: Just fab $39.95

Jeans: Warehouse One Jeans $40

Sweater: Joe Fresh $10 similar:

Scarf: Ardenes $5

Look at this sushi! He is amazing!




Master Chef working away. I wish I could provide better instructions as to how this beautiful food is created but I have no idea; he does it all. I can say this, he has read a lot of books about sushi making.

* Note adorable small dog in the back ground praying he drops something.

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