Ginger Rogers

I took a sick day yesterday as I was/am feeling terrible. I am teaching the rest of the week so I need to go to work, I took today in hopes of relaxing and catching up on some sleep. Well, as luck would have it my day certainly wasn’t stress free. We have the most precious little dog named Ginger Rogers, she is a Brussels Griffon Pug cross and she is hilarious. She resembles an ewok. Today around 1pm she started acting very strange, she kept turning around in a circle to the right and was stumbling around. I rushed over and picked her up and noticed that her head kept twitching back and forth. I quickly got dressed and rushed her to the vet office. They were amazing and were able to take a look at her within fifteen minutes, by that time her symptoms had started to fade. They did a full blood workup on her as well as tested a lump on her side to ensure there are no cancerous cells. Ultimately she was diagnosed with Idiopathic Geriatric Vestibular Disease, basically she is just getting old. This is not a surprise as she is 16 years old; next week will be two years that she has brought laughter and energy to our home and we are thankful for her everyday. She is doing much better and I look forward to having her around for a long time to come. I know my Husband has an extra special bond with her and I dread the day we have to say goodbye to her as I know it will be an extremely difficult day for both of us; especially him.

Here is a candid shot of her at the vet clinic looking spry as ever!

I know it’s not a terribly exciting post but she’s my little monster. 

If you have furry ones of your own take a moment today to give them a squeeze and tell them you love them. 


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