Fifty Shades of Menchies

Holy-macaroni! I went to Menchies for the first time on Monday, oh my goodness -amazing! Neither of us had ever been and lets just say I can’t wait to go back. My girlfriend Kel would be so disappointed!

We also made our way around Costco, we purchased new Novafoam pillows; they are amazing! I had the best sleep ever even though I have a brutal cold and have found myself tossing and turning. Not last time though, slept like a baby!

My wonderful husband sacrificed fire practice (his one true love) and we watched ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. He literally burst out laughing at one point (during a spanking scene) and I believe his words when it was done were “thank god, that was absolute garbage”. I have to admit I thought it was great! Not great in the typical sense; let’s be honest the booked wasn’t very well written, it was the content that kept us reading. I was prepared for it to be cheesy, and cheesy it was. Even though he didn’t enjoy the movie -as a whole-I know he certainly enjoyed parts of the movie -possibly evening finding them thought provoking. 😉

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the movie. Did you go with your significant partner or with a friend?

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