Fake Bake(r)

We were over at a friends last night enjoying some tasty and not so tasty beverages -enjoying catching up. There was a cooking show on the cooking network and a friend of ours asked if I still baked. My immediate response was yes, of course. I then took a minute to think; I couldn’t think of the last time I baked something. Sure, I had made dinner and a loaf or two of bread but when was the last time I baked? I used to love baking, it was my happy place; whenever I was stressed or sad, I baked. I wouldn’t even neccesarily need to eat anything I just baked to feel better -just baking makes me feel better. I realized in this moment that I miss it; I miss it for a number of reasons. One of those reason being I used to identify with my baking in a small way; it was something I’ve always been good. Its one of the things my husband loves about me, and appreciates. Especially before I could cook, sometimes the only thing edible in the house that I touched were the cookies in the cookie jar. I realize this is a really strange thing to identify with but I do..did. I think along with my ‘jean wearing’ I am going to make a point to bake a little more. I realize how ridiculous this sounds considering eating said baked treats will not help with the jeans fitting any better…eesh..

My hope for you this weekend is to take an hour and bake something; let the delicious smell fill your house and take a moment to sit and enjoy your tasty treat(s) and read a good book or some poetry. Take a moment to replenish your soul -and there is no better way then to feed the soul, which can only be done with things that will also fill out your clothes a bit more.

This is something my best friend, Rosey and I couldn’t agree on more, her and I may be very different but we share our love of treats and a good read.

If you take some time to do just this please share what you made, and how you chose to enjoy it.


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