Valentine’s Day

I’m going to dedicate this Valentine’s Day to my girlfriends. The ones that make me die laughing telling me about their own personal relationship nightmares.

I have no desire to be part of the dating scene, its a tough world out there..

I wouldn’t even know how to find a date; they have dating apps and all sorts of craziness I have no idea how to use. Tinder, for example is terrifying. Do you have any idea what this is? If you don’t come out of the hole, everything will be okay. Its dark and cold in there friend -come join the rest of us in this nightmare.

I have the most incredible friends, beautiful, smart, funny, hardworking, all the good stuff. We’re ALL also a little crazy. We can’t even deny it; each of us in our own way. So how is it that such perfect specimens have to weed through all these ewwies.. Tinder doesn’t help the situation; I have a couple girlfriends who have/do use Tinder. For those that don’t know how it works here is a quick run down from what I have gathered. You see 1-6 pictures, along with a short blurb on this human; so basically you start this journey off by primarily making a call based on their looks. #wouldyousleepwiththisperson
If the a answer is yes you swipe one way and if no you swipe the other way. If they would to like to bang you and they swipe yes then you ‘match’; if you both match then you are able to chat through the app. At this point you can exchange personal numbers and continue on the adventure of finding out if they are a serial killer, loner who lives at home with his parents, someone looking for a quick bang, or if this person could be your future soulmate… I suppose there is a possability.

Two of my girlfriends in the past have matched with the same person and he continues to message them both until the girls have an opportunity to chat and the secret is out. It seems like the people on here are looking for one thing, we know what that is. The pickins are even slimmer because we live in the boonies and the app only finds potential matches within a certain km radius .

I do believe there is a positive aspect of Tinder, it gives you the opportunity to find and meet people you likely wouldn’t have the opportunity to otherwise. I applaud and respect anyone with the confidence to put themselves out there and give themselves the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. I never thought I would meet my husband on an oil rig in the middle of no-where, and I couldn’t have found a more perfect person. You never know where you might meet that someone, never sell yourself short of an opportunity to meet someone new.

I have found a favorite past-time in scrowling throught ‘Tinder nightmares’ on instgram, some of them are too unfathomable to believe. True catches if I am able to be so bold.

Its not just the girlfriends out there dating, some of the hilarity of relationship chats come from my married friends or those in longterm relationships. More on that later.

As for me, I am thrilled to be celebrating my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman. My husand is a Firefighter and each year they put on a dinner for the wives and this will be the first year I will be a wife -exciting times! Its wonderful that it fell on Valentine’s Day, as we both work today, we have a wonderful free evening planned for us!

I hope your Valentine’s Day is wonderful whom ever/whatever you spend it with.

If you’d like a little giggle watch this:








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