Marriage Material

I have officially changed my last name to that of my married one.
This is the first time since getting married that I feel different, I truly feel I am a new person. A new start to be a new and better me! Cheesy I know..

I expected to feel differently after getting married. I’ve realized that with any change it takes time to sink in, no matter how much time we take to prepare for something. Today, moving from place to place, changing my name: government office, my work, the bank; it slowly began to sink in more… I’m married, I am someone’s wife. I am responsible for someone; I know that sounds silly but I am. I made a promise to my husband, a promise I plan to keep. His happiness will always be important to me and mine to him. I realized how lucky I am to have found someone so amazing. For those that don’t know my Husband -you’re missing out. For those that do you understand. Could I be any luckier? I know I don’t, and won’t always feel this way -sometimes he drives me absolutely crazy! Yet, I can’t remember a day he hasn’t made me laugh or feel loved. Question my sanity? Almost daily, but never his love. Never. How many people can say that?
Today, as I change my name I am grateful and feeling blessed. Apparently just in time for Valentine’s Day? Maybe, just maybe it will last until Saturday.



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  1. Rosy says:

    Aww… I’m so happy to hear this. Your happiness makes me happy!!

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