Family day fun!

Today in wonderful BC, it is family day. I have spent the day enjoying the company of good friends, cute animals and my Husband.
The day of relaxing is much needed and appreciated after a wonderful weekend out of town. Shopping was done and I can’t wait to share some of the fabulous articles of clothing I found!
Unfortunately my camera is out of commission so my iPhone will have to do for pictures for the next little while.

Today I went out for lunch with a couple of dear friends, one of which I don’t get to see often as she lives 13 hours away. The time, even though conversation fell to a sad topic was and is always so wonderful.
Here is my quickly thrown together outfit inspired by something I found on Pinterest. Oh, glorious Pinterest!



The shirt is actually an old one of my husbands. My earrings were only $2!

Sweater: forever 21
Jeans: bootlegger
Boots: just fab
Necklace: forever 21
Earrings: Ardenes

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